Choosing the Perfect Baby Name: A Personal Experience

Selecting a name for your baby may feel overwhelming, but the good news is, the right name will come to you unexpectedly. During my pregnancy, I struggled to choose a name; I read books and searched online, but none of the names resonated with me. Some names that I liked, my partner or family didn't agree with. My advice is to keep the name to yourself if you and your partner agree on it. Say it out loud to see how it feels, as people's reactions to a name can be confusing. Remember, the perfect name will come to you at the right time.

The moment you lay eyes on your newborn, everything will fall into place, and you'll know that you've picked the right name. For me, Gaia, the queen of the earth, was the ideal name for a baby girl, while Gabriel, the archangel, was the perfect choice for a baby boy. However, my partner wasn't crazy about Gabriel, so we had to brainstorm other options. Eventually, we agreed on Kian, meaning "royalty," which was fitting as my pregnancy filled me with a sense of gratitude and blessedness, as if I was carrying the beauty of the world inside me.

To make things a little easier, I've compiled a list of ten names for you to consider. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and may you have a smooth delivery and an unforgettable motherhood journey. 

Top 10 Baby Boy names:

1. Kian (royal) - the name I chose.
2. Gabriel (the archangel)
3. Ares (warrior)
4. Mael (prince)
5. Ian (God is gracious)
6. Eyan (God's gift)
7. Theo (gift)
8. Ario (fierce)
9. Khai (the chosen one)
10. Adam (earth)

Top 10 Baby Girl names:

1. Gaia (queen of earth) - the name I would have chosen if it was a girl :)
2. Harper (peaceful music)
3. Zoe (life) 
4. Sihana (like the moon) 
5. Isabel (God is my oath)
6. Vienna (forest stream)
7. Sophie (wisdom)
8. Noor (light)
9. Lydia (beautiful one)
10. Sia (Victory) 

To make your baby's arrival special, take a look at our Deluxe Welcome Box or shop our products. If you have any additional name suggestions, please share them with other struggling moms in the comments section. And if you do end up choosing one of our name ideas, let us know!

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